Have you noted any public assurances of safety that later turned into cautions and warnings regarding the latest and greatest new chemical or genetic discovery for the garden? Consider concerns over the impact of Imidacloprid on honeybees and questions regarding the quality of the research that was used to support its approval. Who know’s where […]


If I couldn’t garden, I’d be just as content to be a beekeeper… both hobbies provide a similar sense of wonder and satisfaction of managing something that will never be mastered or fully understood. My fascination with beekeeping began years ago when I lived on an organic farm and adopted a somewhat feral colony on […]


I’m trying a new product called THRIVE in my garden this summer that utilizes soil organisms to help improve plant growth and health in the landscape. If you’re not familiar with terms like mycorrhizal, or the idea of using fungi as a soil conditioner, today’s post is an interview with the creators of THRIVE that […]


I first heard about the idea of over wintered peppers from the Ottawa Gardener a few years ago but didn’t get around to trying it myself until just this year. The results were much better than I expected and the process was even easier than over wintering some of those popular tender perennial herbs. The […]


With the plentiful rainfall that we received this spring a rain barrel was one of the last things on my mind, but now that summer is rolling around I’m very happy that the folks at EarthMinded were kind enough to send me one of their new Rain Stations for review. Before I share my impressions […]


One of the great things about the vegetable garden is that no matter how long you’ve been into it there’s always something new and interesting to try out. Whether your interest lies in ornamental plants or edibles, heirlooms or modern varieties, fruits or veggies, you will never run out of new opportunities to test your […]


Takinogawa Gobo, aka Edible Burdock is a great option if you want to try a new and unusual, but easy to grow root crop in your vegetable garden this season. Here in Central PA burdock is a common weed that is used by some as a medicinal wild plant. Add Gobo to the list of […]


For gardeners in the Central Pennsylvania area this weekend is the date for the annual Herb & Garden Faire at the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum. This is an event that I look forward to every year because it signals that our frost free date is near and that planting can begin in earnest […]


I learned a creative new use for blueberry plants during a visit to Costco this week. The latest shipment of plants was on display and included the usual ornamental shrubs, trees, and landscape perennials. But of course the thing that caught my eye was the attractive blueberry bushes that were covered with those unusually shaped […]