March 2011

Spring officially arrived just this week and there is plenty of activity out in the garden, all this in spite of the unsettled weather conditions. We’ve been teased by seventy degree temperatures recently, only to have it turn cold again the following day. This week has seen heavy rains, snow showers, thunderstorms, and now a […]


Despite being such a common and ordinary vegetable at the grocer, celery is surrounded by a bit of of mystery and intrigue out in the vegetable garden. On one hand many backyard gardeners find it a challenge to grow and on the other hand many are unaware of the various options, forms, and shapes that […]


Todd from the Big Blog of Gardening recently commented on an article here about Planting Your First Vegetable Garden and took exception to the idea that growing your own is a lot cheaper than store bought produce. To illustrate his point Todd cited some expensive tomatoes that were raised in his backyard garden: Well, I […]