Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE) has been one of my favorite heirloom seed suppliers for over twenty years, and is the original source of the potato onion seed stock that I continue to grow today. I was pleased to receive some great gardening tips and ideas from Ira Wallace, a worker/owner at SESE, and a […]


Barbara Pleasant is an author, gardener, and public speaker who loves sharing her experiences related to raising organic backyard gardens. I spoke with her during the summer and also sat in on a presentation of her innovative composting and gardening techniques. She describes compost gardening as the art of arranging perfect marriages between compost and […]


Gardeners recognize the plight of honeybees and the important role that they play in pollinating the crops that find their way unto our dining tables. The desire to lend a helping hand to the honeybee has led to the increasing popularity of backyard beekeeping as a hobby that fits in nicely with home gardening. James […]


The mild temps continue here in Central PA with yesterday’s high reaching into the 70’s. These are great times to enjoy a fall vegetable garden and to complete those final fall clean-up tasks before colder weather arrives. My garlic, shallots, and potato onions are all in the ground, the last seeds have been planted, and the […]


I never had much interest in gardening with chickens, ducks, rabbits, or any animal livestock. After all, I live in the middle of a residential neighborhood, on a lot that is just over half an acre, and I’m a vegetarian… But today I’ll share what’s forced me to take a closer look at the benefits, […]


Ken Roseboro is the editor of the Organic & Non-GMO Report, and author of “The Organic Food Handbook” and “Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health.” I sat down with Ken at the recent Mother Earth News Fair and spoke with him about the potential threats of Genetically Modified Organisms and what we as consumers can […]

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Ron and Jennifer Kujawski are a father-daughter team in the garden and co-authors of the “Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook: Make the Most of Your Growing Season.” They cultivate a mix of raised beds and row-style gardens that cover about 10,000 square feet in a cold, short season, climate within Massachusetts. I met Ron and Jennifer […]


I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs PA this past weekend. It was a great event that I’ll add to my rotation of annual gardening shows and will definitely be recommending to others. There was a flurry of activity with over a dozen stages running concurrent workshops […]


If you’re a regular here at Veggie Gardening Tips you know how much I enjoy growing unusual and challenging varieties of fruits and vegetables in the garden. One thing that’s been missing in my backyard is any type of citrus fruit. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of growing citrus plants and have often been […]