November 2010

Today’s article featuring tips to grow your own strawberries is a guest post written by Geoff Wakeling. Geoff lives in London where he shares his life with hens, cats and a garden where you’ll find him snipping, pruning, planting, cutting, propagating, shoveling, or just plain admiring mother nature. Read on and get prepared to grow […]


A recent email introduced the new cookbooks; Glutton for Pleasure, Quinoa 365: the Everyday Superfood, Heart of the Artichoke, Cooking for Geeks, and Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy, along with an offer for more information on any of the publications that I was interested in. The titles that immediately attracted my attention were Quinoa 365 and […]


With the recent surge of new vegetable gardeners out there testing their green thumbs, a question that frequently comes up is whether the booming interest in growing vegetables is just a passing fad that won’t stick, or if it is here to stay and will continue to catch on. Are you a newbie gardener who […]


Reports of gardeners struggling with deformed green beans and other crops this summer were a mystery that was assigned to everything from poor pollination to bad seeds. The culprit has finally been identified as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, an exotic pest that is making its rounds to gardens and farms here in Pennsylvania as […]