August 2010

A couple of recent emails requested information on building a homemade garden trellis. Growing vertically is such a great way to save space and even increase yields for crops such as cucumbers, squash, pole beans, and other climbing vegetables. Today I’ll share one of my favorite methods to construct a simple trellis in the home […]


Churchill is a vegetable gardener and frequent contributor here who has shared past articles about Growing Vegetables in Mexico and Gardening in Patzxuaro. This latest report was sent in last month to update us on the growing conditions and latest developments as Churchill adds a new raised bed garden to an area cursed by poor […]

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A few weeks ago I posted my latest discoveries in growing sweet potatoes this summer, along with a few changes that were made in my organic cultivation practices. Afterward I received an email from Barb, our small gardening specialist outlining her own special techniques for raising sweet potatoes in small gardens or containers: Kenny, let […]


The previous article shared some great reasons to cultivate a backyard orchard in containers, and today it’s time to follow up with ideas to help you get started with growing fruit trees in pots. Oranges, apples, limes, blueberries, bananas, and pomegranates are among the most popular choices for growing fruit trees in containers. Then there […]


What’s not to like about potted fruit trees decorating the patio, deck, or balcony? Have you given thought to the idea of growing potted fruit trees as an alternative, or in addition to the typical orchard of fruit trees that are planted in the ground? If you’ve dismissed the idea of cultivating your own homegrown […]