June 2010

Today’s List of the Top Ten Summer Greens that will grow and withstand the hottest of weather was inspired by the following question that was received from JoAnn: “Hello there, I want to know if you have any suggestions on having leafy green vegetables grow all through the summer? I live in Charlotte, Zone 7 […]


The tomato trellis system that was featured in a video last summer has received lots of interest and many questions about how well it worked out, so today I want to offer another update on the results that I experienced last season. First of all I can tell you that I’m definitely sticking with the […]


With the native Juneberry on hand there’s no need to journey to a foreign land in search of the latest super antioxidant fruit. The Juneberry grows close to home, is willing to occupy a cozy spot in the backyard landscape, and it may turn out to be just as healthful as some of those exotic […]