April 2010

In many areas growing globe artichokes is a bit of a stretch for the backyard gardener, but that doesn’t stop an increasing number, including myself, from trying their hand at cultivating this interesting gourmet vegetable crop. A previous article; “Growing Artichokes in Spite of Mother Nature” brought the following inquiry from a container gardening artichoke […]


Today’s article on raised bed garden techniques features a short video with me prepping the garden after summer crops had been harvested and just before fall garlic will go into the growing bed. Many new gardeners are confused when they hear the term “raised bed vegetable garden” so I hope that seeing a raised bed […]


Early spring which is usually a lean period for the vegetable garden’s yield can actually be reasonably productive for the gardener who plans ahead, keeps their eyes open to opportunity, and expands beyond the usual garden fare in order to exploit the “hunger gap.” After a brief taste of summertime with temperatures exceeding record highs […]


This post is a sponsored review of UK Water Features which is based in Yorkshire, England. A water feature is a great addition to the sustainable garden and can provide many benefits even in a residential backyard. In addition to the ornamental appeal, a water source is important for the well-being of beneficial insects, birds, […]


One of those gardeners and fellow bloggers that I’ve had the pleasure to correspond with is Tee from over at the Veggie Gardener. Today Tee joins us with a guest post on the importance of growing heirloom varieties: The last several years have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of home vegetable gardening. According […]