March 2010

I received a recent inquiry from a member of the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, D.C about posting an article to promote the 98 years of tradition with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. My first thought was to decline the invitation because rules are rules and if you’ve been around here for […]


Annie Spiegelman author of “Talking Dirt,” “Growing Seasons,” and “Annie’s Garden Journal” is back again today to pick up the conversation on soil testing in the backyard garden right where we left off yesterday: With the home soil test, you’ll be testing your soil’s pH. The pH level will tell you if your soil has […]


Today’s article focusing on soil testing is a guest post written by Annie Spiegelman aka the Dirt Diva, author of “TALKING DIRT: The Dirt Diva’s Down-to-Earth Guide to Organic Gardening.” “I’m really mystified by homeowners who will plop down $30,000 dollars to a landscape designer who will come up with a plant palette without ever […]

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While many of us are still watching snow melt and feeling the bite of winter, there are others who have been basking in the warmth of spring for some time now. Today Churchill returns to share some of the activity and growth taking place in her organic vegetable garden in Patzcuaro, Mexico… We had a […]


The snow cover has cleared from the garden but not completely off of the landscape, leaving us with glimpses of both the past winter and the coming spring! Mild weather that we haven’t seen for months made today a perfect time to venture out into the backyard. With temperatures close to sixty degrees I wasn’t […]


Yesterday Marcy Tate joined us to cover the benefits of using mulch in the garden. Today she returns to follow up with details on some of the specific mulches available to the home gardener. First up are some of the common organic mulches that are more natural and will decompose and add organic matter to […]


This article on the carefree benefits of using mulch in the garden and around the landscape is a guest post by Marcy Tate: Garden mulch can enhance the look of your garden and help keep your garden healthy. Placing it in your garden can also save you time by decreasing the need for watering, applying […]