February 2010

I’m usually excited to see the local garden shows roll into town and thrilled when I can finally rip February’s page off of the calendar, but this year just isn’t the same and I really can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the blanket of snow that feels like it has covered the ground all winter. Or […]


Those container grown fig trees that are moved into a garage or unheated area to spend the winter don’t need much attention but they do require a degree of special fig tree care and an occasional watering even during their dormant rest periods. Today I wanted to share a technique to water those containers that […]


Yesterday Stephen Scott of Underwood Gardens shared some concepts related to the importance of good soil both in and out of the garden. Today he returns to discuss some changes in the way that we think about and manage our gardens that can go a long way towards improving soil quality in our backyards: Building […]


Today’s article is a guest post written by Stephen Scott from Terroir Seeds, home of Underwood Gardens and Grandma’s Garden Catalog. Stephen examines the complex relationships between our soil and the food that we eat: Heirloom seeds and plants, whether they are vegetables, herbs or flowers are more popular than ever now, as more people […]


It looks like the powers that be in India have decided to turn a big thumbs down to permitting the commercial cultivation of genetically modified (GM) Bt Brinjal! Brinjal or aubergines, are more commonly known as eggplants here in the U.S. and we can only pray that our government officials will take a closer look […]