January 2010

It’s the rare and seasoned “vintage” gardeners that I love to corner, sit down with, and absorb every last morsel of the wisdom, history, experience, and storytelling that they gladly share with anyone who is willing to listen. I took advantage of just that kind of opportunity recently when I met Tom Burford at the […]


Many of you took me up on the green ideas for chasing away winter blues, and some like Tee over at Veggie Gardener even commented on actually getting out into the garden to take in the milder temperatures that we enjoyed last weekend. For me, the latest thoughts of warmer days and backyard gardening were […]


Has the cold, snow and ice gotten the better of you? Are you just itching to get out and do something constructive with that green but solidly frozen thumb of yours? The scene may be bleak out in the garden, but there are still plenty of things to keep a northern gardener in a positive […]