Geoff Wakeling recently shared an article about growing strawberries in the home garden, and now returns to present an idea borrowed from the Native Americans for planting three different crops together to improve the growth and production of each one… For many vegetable gardeners, having everything growing in perfectly straight lines, boxes, and neat formations […]


While there’s still a little harvesting yet in store, for the most part the garden has wound down and settled in for rest until spring. To protect and enrich the soil I utilize a number of techniques to cover the earth and keep it nice and cozy through a long and frigid winter. I use […]


Today’s article featuring tips to grow your own strawberries is a guest post written by Geoff Wakeling. Geoff lives in London where he shares his life with hens, cats and a garden where you’ll find him snipping, pruning, planting, cutting, propagating, shoveling, or just plain admiring mother nature. Read on and get prepared to grow […]


A recent email introduced the new cookbooks; Glutton for Pleasure, Quinoa 365: the Everyday Superfood, Heart of the Artichoke, Cooking for Geeks, and Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy, along with an offer for more information on any of the publications that I was interested in. The titles that immediately attracted my attention were Quinoa 365 and […]


With the recent surge of new vegetable gardeners out there testing their green thumbs, a question that frequently comes up is whether the booming interest in growing vegetables is just a passing fad that won’t stick, or if it is here to stay and will continue to catch on. Are you a newbie gardener who […]


Reports of gardeners struggling with deformed green beans and other crops this summer were a mystery that was assigned to everything from poor pollination to bad seeds. The culprit has finally been identified as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, an exotic pest that is making its rounds to gardens and farms here in Pennsylvania as […]


It may sound crazy but I was excited to see rat turds in among my heirloom pepper plants this summer, and I’m about to share the particulars as to why you should look forward to seeing them in your own garden next season! First you can relax in knowing that I’m not talking about rodent […]


This summer Barb outlined a planned strategy for cultivating sweet potatoes in a limited growing area. Well the impressive returns are in as Barb recently harvested the the portion of her sweet potatoes that were planted in containers this summer. Here is the follow up report detailing the success that she achieved while growing sweet […]


The previous post examined reasons for including long-lived edibles in the vegetable garden. Today it’s time to identify some favorite vegetable perennials that will offer the same type of lasting benefits that flower and landscape gardeners love to take advantage of in their ornamental beds. Here is a partial listing of edible perennials; both vegetables […]