The latest issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter brings some changes to the landscape as the newsletter is now being offered in a more user friendly HTML format. In spite of the fancy new look, you can still subscribe for FREE! If your email reader doesn’t do HTML don’t worry, a text version of the […]


I was impressed with the answers to the little gardening riddle that was posed last time. I was also told that I offered too many clues and that I made things too easy for you to solve… so I’ll have to remember that next time, and yes the answer to the riddle was a Chicken […]


What has wings but doesn’t fly? And a set of wheels that never see the road? Its travel is limited to a distance that is measured by the number of feet per week, rather than the miles per hour that it covers! No gasoline, electricity, or even solar batteries are needed to power this ingenious […]


Two recent articles have focused on the designs and construction of a bean trellis and a tomato tower for the vegetable garden. Today Barb returns to share ideas for putting those trellises to good use, and also shows how to reduce the seed budget without sacrificing variety. Heirloom beans are a fantastic crop for the […]


“I am from Botswana and have developed interest in mushroom cultivation. So I would like you to help with where I can find the kit in South Africa and at what cost. I would be very happy if you can help me.” That was the inquiry that I recently received from Samson in South Africa […]


Flower gardeners aren’t the only ones that can appreciate a bit of color and ornamental accents in the garden. So while vegetable growers may not be able to smell the roses, there’s no shortage of blossoms and blooms to catch the eye and other senses in an edible garden. Here’s a small sampling of the […]


The latest issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter was sent out last week to all of the subscribers on my email list. If you didn’t receive your free copy you know what to do; just head on over and sign up for the newsletter while the August edition is still available. Now Featured in the […]


It seems like many of you are pretty creative when it comes to designing unique supports for tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and other climbing vegetables and fruits. Last time P.J. shared his trellising blueprint with us and today John reveals how to construct a totally different style of plant support: Hi Kenny!  You’ve been a big […]


After unveiling his impressive first vegetable garden recently, PJ received questions about the tall structures that towered over the plants and was kind enough to return and explain his veggie trellises and provide the details for constructing a similar one in your own backyard garden: Those tall things are actually my trellises for cucumbers, beans […]