December 2009

Here’s the follow up article to finish describing the exotic Caribbean tropical fruits that I challenged you to identify in a previous post. James managed to name them all correctly and will receive a prize in the form of a PRO digging fork that he says will come in very handy as he cultivates his […]


Looks like the exotic fruit challenge that was posted last week offered much more of a test than the previous garden riddle that many found a lot easier to solve. I have to give James credit for making short work of it and coming up with the correct identity for all of the strange and […]


Maybe you’re a whiz when it comes to local fruits and vegetables, but how good are you if we shift the landscape to the Caribbean? Today’s post will give you a perfect opportunity to test your identification skills and take a shot at winning a prize! All you need to do is guess the identify […]


The use of zones is a practical Permaculture concept that’s worthy of incorporating into the backyard vegetable garden. The basic idea is to organize your landscape into growing zones that will make it easier and more convenient to care for your plants. Zones are identified based on the relative location and accessibility, and then crops […]