November 2009

Update: I just received notification that the OpenSky “Cyber Monday” promotion has come to a close, that there was overwhelming demand, and that all of the coupons have been issued. I apologize to anyone who was unable to access the storefront or take advantage of the promotion before it ended. How would you like to […]


I know that I’ve been “missing in action” lately as far as posting articles, responding to comments, and managing the other activities around here and at the Gardening Secrets Newsletter, but it hasn’t been without good reason. You see I just returned from a second adventure at the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute. Yes, that’s […]


Okay, I’ll admit that this summer was a terrible one for growing tomatoes, and no, I can’t make claims that my garden was immune from the sting of Tomato Blight! But you know what, I still had more than enough homegrown tomatoes to enjoy and share with friends in spite of the widespread disease. This […]

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