October 2009

Everything was so going well out in the vegetable garden and I was taking full advantage of the cool weather, abundant rain, a frost free start, and the ideal conditions for growing lush fall vegetable crops. That is until yesterday evening as I ventured out into the backyard to take some photos. Then I noticed […]


The following message arrived via my Facebook Page from a gardener in Israel who is fervently searching for new edible plants to raise in the veggie garden. The difficulty revolves around a very limited water supply and tough growing conditions that can quickly turn a productive garden into a barren plot. Here is Trish’s account […]


The latest issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter brings some changes to the landscape as the newsletter is now being offered in a more user friendly HTML format. In spite of the fancy new look, you can still subscribe for FREE! If your email reader doesn’t do HTML don’t worry, a text version of the […]