August 2009

It seems like many of you are pretty creative when it comes to designing unique supports for tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and other climbing vegetables and fruits. Last time P.J. shared his trellising blueprint with us and today John reveals how to construct a totally different style of plant support: Hi Kenny!  You’ve been a big […]


After unveiling his impressive first vegetable garden recently, PJ received questions about the tall structures that towered over the plants and was kind enough to return and explain his veggie trellises and provide the details for constructing a similar one in your own backyard garden: Those tall things are actually my trellises for cucumbers, beans […]


Craving a cross pollinated Spaghetti-Nugget-Dumpling Squash? How about a rare spotted Butternut-Scallop-Acorn delight? Or even a gigantic Hubbard-Cushaw-Pumpkin variety? And who could do without a lovely wart covered Crookneck-Turban-Gourded beauty? Well here are a few reports of mysterious, unidentified, mutated, or simply cross pollinated squashes that have been making appearances in backyard gardens this summer. […]


Yesterday Bob Guillow from the Garden Manuals website shared a list of common sense disease preventive practices for the backyard vegetable garden. Today Bob returns to identify a few of the major diseases that you may encounter, and also offers suggestions to keep them under control… There are both chemical and non-chemical controls for solving […]


Blights, wilts, and viruses, are just a few of the terms that many backyard gardeners have received a rude and unwanted introduction to this growing season. Bob Guillow publishes the site at Garden Manuals and stops by today to share the following information about plant diseases and tips for reducing their impact in your vegetable […]


I grow lots of leafy green vegetables because they are so productive, nutritious, easy to cultivate, and just plain delicious. An assortment of greens also adds a range of color, new shapes, and interesting textures to the ornamental style edible garden. Unfortunately some of the more popular leafy greens, such as lettuce, spinach, cabbage, and arugula […]


I really thought that not talking about it would help ease the anguish of watching the days grow shorter as this summer’s vegetable gardening season continues to wind down. Well an email I received from Renee yesterday helped me to see that I wasn’t the only one that was a little anxious over the situation […]


The following article by P.J. Scott is a great read into the pleasures and surprises encountered by one family as they set about learning the how-to’s and what-for’s of backyard vegetable gardening for the very first time: I am literally a “rookie” gardener. I live in Michigan, west of Grand Rapids, about 15-20 miles from […]