July 2009

The garden log entries here usually cover just about everything that’s currently growing out in the Veggie Gardening Tips garden, but this one will be a little different because I just finished harvesting this year’s crop of gourmet garlic and that’s always an exciting and suspenseful event! If you still haven’t heeded my advice and […]


Are you in the market for local sources of lovingly grown fresh fruits and vegetables? And what do you do when your garden is yielding more delicious produce than you know what to do with? In either of these cases The Farmer’s Garden may be the perfect solution for sharing or locating surplus homegrown fruits […]


This entry is a guest post by Nathalie Lussier who blogs over at the RawFoodsWitch.com. She stops by today to share a few tips for using all of that extra produce that is harvested from your backyard garden this summer: So you’ve slaved all summer in your garden, and now you’re reaping its bounty. If […]


What can be worse than rambling tomato vines and rotting fruits sprawling all over the garden? How about spending money on tomato cages and fancy supports that really are not up to the task of keeping your tomato vines upright, productive, and happy! I’m trying a brand new tomato staking system in my garden this […]


Back in May I published a series of emails from a few backyard vegetable gardeners who shared their passions and talents for producing home-grown fresh fruits and veggies. Those gardens were located in Patzcuaro, Mexico, Northern Virginia, Teakettle, Belize, and Tennessee. Today’s report comes to us from another southern grower… I just ran across your […]


A post here last week sought the identity of a mysterious plant that was growing wild in a Wisconsin gardener’s backyard. Well the plant has been identified by several readers here and verified by a plant expert to be Giant Ragweed! Not exactly the happy ending that I was hoping for, but at least Tamara […]