June 2009

With summer looming just around the corner, today is the perfect time to get moving on that favorite garden or patio project that you’ve put off but would love to add to your backyard or landscape! The Home Depot is ready and eager to help by offering you some great DIY ideas and all the […]


Some gardeners subscribe to the principles of companion planting where specific plants are grown alongside others to enhance their growth, performance or flavor. The plants listed here aren’t intended as companion crops for particular plants found in the vegetable garden, but rather to benefit the garden as a whole. In some cases the incentives are […]


I know we really don’t have a rainy season here in Central Pennsylvania like a tropical region; but it’s sure starting to feel like it! Not that I’d ever be the one to complain about rain for the garden, I just want a break so that I can finish with my planting. There are plenty […]

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