June 2009

I hear griping from many people that would love to grow their own fresh organic produce at home, but just don’t have a place to raise a vegetable garden. Well today’s video is a review of the EarthBox, a handy device that could  be your best answer to the question of “how to grow a […]


There have been a number of mysterious plant capers making the rounds and being investigated here at Veggie Gardening Tips lately. First there was the mix up between the look alike collard and cauliflower seedlings, then the case of the faux eggplants. Now there’s a new report of an unknown plant cropping up uninvited in […]


It’s back! After a rather lengthy absence the Gardening Secrets Newsletter is back in production and was delivered earlier this month to everyone that is on the current e-mail list. If you didn’t receive your copy, or have changed your e-mail address since the last issue, head on over and sign up for your free […]


Mushrooms have to be one of the biggest overlooked finds for the backyard vegetable garden. That’s a shame because they are so easy to cultivate and extremely productive considering the minimal effort required to start them growing. You’ll find a number of articles right here at Veggie Gardening Tips related to growing both gourmet and […]


A recent post described the difficulty that veggie gardeners encounter as they attempt to note the differences between closely related vegetable crops such as collard greens and cauliflowers. Well judging by the following e-mail I just may add eggplants to the list of confused, though unrelated vegetable crops… Growing a Rather Unusual Crop of Eggplants […]


Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent Home Depot Garden Club promotion. I’d also like to thank Home Depot for making the contest possible. The lucky winner of the $200 gift card is Brenda Brown of Shongaloo, Louisiana. New Edibles and Ornamentals Coming to the Brown’s Landscape Brenda’s name was selected at random and […]

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A quality digging fork has proven to be my favorite and most frequently used tool when working in the vegetable garden. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that it is the subject of my first product review and video here at Veggie Gardening Tips. At times when most gardeners reach for a shovel, a digging […]


Answer: The second that you decide not to label the growing seedlings! While I hate to stick labels and tags in my vegetable garden, sometimes it really is the easiest way to avoid confusion when the seedlings poke their heads up from the ground. Jasmeen is finding this out the hard way as the following […]


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I will be adding a variety of organic gardening how-to and product review videos to the line up of vegetable gardening content that you will find here. I’m excited about the opportunity to demonstrate and actually show you many of the tips and […]