March 2009

Kim emailed to share her frustrations over a recent growing season that was spoiled by one of the gardener’s biggest nightmares; the detestable Squash Bug. Here’s a tale of gardening misery over Kim’s failed efforts to control and eliminate the squash bugs from her organic vegetable garden: Massive Invasions of Destructive Squash Bugs “I planted […]


I’ve written about my prized bay laurel plants in the past and shared how attractive, useful, and productive these culinary herb “trees” can be in the backyard kitchen garden. The only drawback is that those of us gardening in cold climates must bring the plants indoors during the winter months where the home environment can […]


Today’s blog entry is the conclusion of yesterday’s article titled; “Go Organic to Shrink Your Gardening Budget” These handy money saving tips and ideas for the backyard gardener were provided and written by Fern Marshall Bradley, Co-Editor of The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening: Now All Organic! Forget the Bagged Fertilizer — Buy Seeds Instead […]


This article to help you save money by applying organic gardening techniques was written by Fern Marshall Bradley, Co-Editor of The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening: Planning – Selection – Propagation – and Organic Solutions… Saving the Earth and protecting children and pets from dangerous chemicals are the reasons most gardeners cite for giving up […]


My recent excursion to St. Croix and the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute provided me with the opportunity to meet and spend time with an incredible group of young men and women who were taking part in a two month training program in the study of sustainable farming methods. The program is called the Ridge […]


I apologize for any emails, comments or gardening questions that went unanswered over the past couple of weeks as I took advantage of a little down time to visit the lovely island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Before you get too envious let me mention that the trip wasn’t exactly filled with […]


The previous entry touched on advantages of raising fig trees in the backyard, along with a few reasons that make this plant a great option for home gardeners looking to add more fruits to their line up of vegetables. Following are a few tips to help you get started with incorporating fig trees in your […]


You can let go of the concerns over growing fruit trees in the backyard garden because figs have a way of erasing all the worries and reservations, especially when these easy to care for trees are raised in containers. For the record, most fruit trees can be demanding in their space requirements, and less than […]