February 2009

The Seed Savers Seed Exchange is much more than an heirloom seed company, it’s also a huge seed repository and a fraternity of vegetable gardeners devoted to preserving and sharing rare seed varieties. I’ve been a member of the organization off and on over the past twenty-five years and in the past listed a cold-hardy […]


The Wild Garden Seed Company is a relatively new source on my list of heirloom seed suppliers and I’ve only been ordering vegetable seeds from them for a few years. All of their seeds may not officially qualify as heirlooms, but I was drawn to this seed supplier almost as quickly as the beneficial insects […]


Specializing in open pollinated, heirloom, and other rare seeds, Bountiful Gardens has been selling seeds for over twenty years and helped introduce me to the world of heirlooms. Bountiful Gardens and Seeds Blum (which is no longer in business) were a couple of the first seed companies that I stumbled onto that specialized in heirloom […]


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

February 3, 2009

While it isn’t the oldest heirloom seed company around, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has a very impressive offering of open pollinated seeds for the backyard vegetable grower. Baker Creek always does things in a big way and touts themselves as the “Largest Heirloom Gardening Resource,” carrying an inventory of over 1200 different heirloom seed varieties. […]