August 2008

Would you like to try your hand at growing a fall veggie garden this year but aren’t quite sure how to manage it because your entire garden is currently over flowing with juicy tomatoes, sweet peppers and other summer crops that are still in full production? That’s a dilemma that many backyard gardeners are faced […]


The name may sound a little odd or complicated, but foliar fertilization is actually a quick and simple way to deliver nutrients to every plant in the garden. It’s efficient, easy to apply, and fast acting, so any gardener can take advantage of this great fertilization technique. In short, foliar fertilization is the process of […]


In the previous article I shared my experiences foraging sea vegetables on Washington State’s San Juan Islands; today I wanted to examine some interesting uses that seaweeds can be put to back home in the kitchen and the organic garden. I won’t list the many health claims associated with the use of sea vegetables, other […]


As much as I love edible weeds and wild plants, I couldn’t have been any more thrilled by the bounty of seaweeds and sea vegetables that I was introduced to and became better acquainted with on a recent trip to the Northwest Coast. Karen Sherwood of Earthwalk Northwest was the guide and instructor on this […]