July 2008

Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.) has been a godsend in battles with destructive caterpillars out in the vegetable garden. One of the most impressive things about Bt (aka Thuricide or Dipel), is that it targets and eliminates bad bugs without harming the non-targeted beneficial insects and pollinators. B.t. accomplishes this feat because it is based upon a […]


I guess the riddle at the end of my previous post wasn’t too challenging as many of you correctly guessed that the plants explored and studied during my trip to the Northwest were indeed seaweeds and sea vegetables. For being speedy with a correct response I’m sending Kitt of The Kittalog a packet of Kabocha […]


I’ve been away from the vegetable garden for a spell and just returned from a trip out to Washington State. It was my first time visiting the Northwest and I saw awesome sights, made new friends, and had a chance to explore remote areas of the San Juan Islands. If you noticed that your comments […]


Julie is an organic gardener from England who shared the following story about a transformation that took place out in her formerly “organized” veggie patch. Her experiences offer some great tips for the backyard gardener. I can almost picture Julie standing in front of a gathering of vegetable growers and delivering the following testimonial at […]