June 2008

The start of the summer growing season finds me playing catch up in the vegetable garden. I had been temporarily sidetracked by an unidentified noxious weed/vine that was getting out of hand and attempting to choke out some of the pine trees in the yard. It took a lot of time and effort but things […]


Officially it’s only the beginning of the summer growing season, but I already have a few plants contending for bragging rights as the tallest plant in the veggie garden! While most of the garden’s plants are nowhere close to maturity, a few edibles have already reached lofty peaks and now spend the summer days posing […]

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I have never noticed leafminers on my tomato plants, but I received an email from Freeda who sang the blues for her tomatoes because of these insect pests. Here’s an account of the crises involving her gorgeous tomato plants and the reclusive leafminers: “Please, do you have any suggestion to help save my tomatoes? The […]


It really does pay to keep a watchful eye out when weeding the vegetable beds… you never know what surprise may show up in the form of an unexpected volunteer veggie sprouting up. Knowing what various seedlings look like from the earliest stages of their development is important in order to take advantage of the […]