March 2008

The previous post shared some photos of hardy and resilient plants as they awakened at the first hint of spring, but that wasn’t the full story… I hate to admit that there are a bunch of slackers as well out there in the vegetable garden this spring!


A trek through the vegetable garden over the weekend revealed that many edible plants have survived the winter season and are thriving now that spring has arrived.


Allyson from Kennesaw, GA raised a question about the best vegetables for growing in a small garden area: “I am a first time gardener and I don’t know what to plant that will not over load my very limited garden space. After reading your site, I have determined I could handle a few bush green beans, and some lettuce. I will plant zucchini in a couple of separate deep containers, but really want to plant some potatoes and onions.”


“What would you say are your favorite half dozen vegetables?” Hmmm, that’s easy enough isn’t it? Well actually it’s a rather difficult question because there are so many interesting vegetable varieties that I really enjoy growing in my raised bed garden. And just like on those popular cellular commercials, someone is going to be left out!


While there isn’t much to look at or write about out in the garden these days, things are slowly beginning to show promise of some spring-like changes! Daylight Savings Time is now in effect, the temperatures are growing slightly warmer, and last week witnessed the return of the robins from their winter roosts. We could be in store for more snow and cold but at the worst it would be a matter of days or weeks compared to the months of winter that we are emerging from.