February 2008

It may be difficult to believe but springtime and a new growing season are just around the corner and a sure sign of that is the arrival of the various local garden shows and expos! If you need a break from all of the snow and cold that is probably still lingering outside your door, then a trip to explore the exhibits, workshops, and lectures at your own nearby garden expo may be the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon.


“I want to grow artichokes this year up here in the Boston area. I have ordered the seeds and am wondering when to start them, when to transplant and if I will get any edible buds this season. Isn’t there a way to “fool” Mother Nature into thinking this is the second season?” – David P


Well the Tasteful Garden offers a convenient option for beginner gardeners, growers that are short on time for seed starting, and for gardeners who don’t want to start their own vegetable transplants from seed but still want to choose from a good assortment of healthy and productive fruit, veggie and herb plants.

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It’s Time to Start Your Seeds! That was the subject line of an email that screamed out at me a few weeks ago. This alert that it was time to “start your seeds” arrived during the middle of January and was delivered to me in the cold and snow covered state of Pennsylvania!


A couple of terrific agriculture/gardening events are scheduled for this week in the Central Pennsylvania Region. Both gatherings will offer plenty of information and dialogue that will be of interest to all backyard vegetable, fruit, and herb growers.