The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (“PASA”) has released the schedule, brochure, and event details for their upcoming annual conference that will be held on February 6th and 7th, with pre-conference workshops scheduled on the 4th and 5th of the month. The programs will take place in State College, PA on the campus of the […]


The weekend found the garden covered by its first blanket of snow. I’m still growing a few vegetables here in Central PA despite the fact that the weather conditions have turned cold and wintry a lot sooner than I’d prefer. When it’s not covered by the white stuff, the garden is still green and yielding […]


One of the great things about raising shallots, multiplier onions, and gourmet garlic is that it’s so easy to produce your own seed stock for future plantings. The subject of garlic seed saving was raised in a recent comment and inquiry from Cynthia: “I had such a good crop of Fireball garlic last year that […]


I finally found time to plant my gourmet garlic seed a week ago just before the weather turned noticeably colder and killing frosts descended onto the vegetable garden. The gourmet garlic varieties planted out included Music, German White, Ukrainian Red, and Italian Purple. Over a hundred cloves went into a section of the garden measuring […]


Who says that you need big acreage, fencing, and a place in the country in order to raise small livestock? You can ignore zoning ordinances, noise restrictions, or the neighbor’s objections when it comes to worm farming no matter where you reside. Composting worms are the perfect breed of livestock for the gardener who wants […]


I hate to admit it but summer is over, fall has arrived, and winter is on the way. There no getting around it so I may as well accept it! Not that I have anything agaist autumn, it’s actually my favorite growing season in the vegetable garden, but I don’t look forward to cold, snow […]


I joined a group of fellow explorers from the PA Backyard Fruit Growers Association this past weekend to take part in a perilous expedition in search of wild Paw Paws in the back country of South Central, PA. Okay, maybe it wasn’t so dangerous, and most of the Paw Paw trees were actually fairly tame […]


Would you like to try your hand at growing a fall veggie garden this year but aren’t quite sure how to manage it because your entire garden is currently over flowing with juicy tomatoes, sweet peppers and other summer crops that are still in full production? That’s a dilemma that many backyard gardeners are faced […]


The name may sound a little odd or complicated, but foliar fertilization is actually a quick and simple way to deliver nutrients to every plant in the garden. It’s efficient, easy to apply, and fast acting, so any gardener can take advantage of this great fertilization technique. In short, foliar fertilization is the process of […]