Tired of that same old, same old, when it comes to growing summer squash in the backyard vegetable garden? If so then one of the gourmet Italian or Mediterranean squash varieties may be just what you’re looking for. These summer squashes offer the familiar zucchini shapes and sizes in different shades and subtle, new flavors.


Well maybe “blight” isn’t at the top of your list of soup ingredients, but Jo raised an interesting question regarding using produce that may be tainted with disease or isn’t in the best condition; and whether or not such produce is suitable for human consumption:


I received the following question this week from Richard inquiring into ways to control and eliminate smut on his sweet corn: “About half of my sweet corn patch is heavily infected with smut. I have been reading about solarizing to kill weeds. Would it work against smut?”


Well, I guess all it took was a little talking it up to finally get a decent deluge of rainfall on the garden’s raised vegetable beds. Water has been a major topic of conversation on this website over the past few days; with the recent Fountain Review and the Newsletter’s focus on irrigating the garden.


The latest issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter has been delivered to all of the gardeners on the e-mail list. Just in time for summer, the theme of this month’s gardening newsletter focuses on the process of irrigating the garden to prevent drought stress during those hot and dry summer months.

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Garden Fountains

July 25, 2007

Interested in a nice accent to enhance your backyard, patio, or deck? How about bringing an element of the great outdoors, indoors? A new garden fountain may be just what you need to offer a decorative effect, along with the relaxing sounds of gently flowing water to any setting in the home or landscape? This article provides a basic garden fountain review for ideas on selecting an indoor or outdoor garden water feature, along with a few tips for avoiding costly mistakes when it comes to choosing a fountain for your home.


Eggplant Harvest

July 23, 2007

I just wanted to share some of the heirloom eggplants that I’m growing and harvesting from the vegetable garden this summer. Previous articles covered tips for growing eggplants and discussed the international roots of heirloom eggplant varieties.



July 20, 2007

Rosemary is towards the top of my list of favorite herb plants. It has much to offer the home gardener regardless of the type or size of your garden. Rosemary will make itself right at home anywhere from the vegetable garden to the herb bed, and can even be incorporated within flower gardens and ornamental landscapes.


Okay Chuckie, you’ve enjoyed a good run for a groundhog, but the gig is up and this little chat is your not so fond farewell. We’ve spent the past few weeks getting to know each other quite well, but I have to be honest and let you know that you aren’t going to be missed, not for a second.