November 2007

Would you like to grow a vegetable in the garden that was prolific as grass in that you can cut it once, and cut it again, but it just continues to grow and yield additional harvests of delicious produce? Well that’s kind of the idea behind the veggies that are classified as cut and come again crops. Usually found in the form of leafy green vegetables, these baby veggies and micro-greens will provide you with the convenience of multiple harvests from a single planting.


The November issue of the Gardening Secrets Newsletter has been published and distributed to all the gardeners on the subscription e-mail list. The feature article for this month’s gardening newsletter focuses on a selection of great gift ideas for the home gardener. Regardless of the budget or type of gardening involved there are tips for locating an interesting gift that will please anyone who loves to engage in the hobby of growing plants in the home or the garden.


If you’re not familiar with heirloom apples you may be surprised to discover just how many varieties of apples actually exist and can still be found growing in local orchards and backyard fruit gardens. Following is a partial listing of the heirloom apples being cultivated in Central Pennsylvania landscapes.


A recent article about rare backyard fruits described my first experience with the uncommon jujube fruit, which is also known as a Chinese Date. No, I wasn’t a bit impressed with this odd tree fruit that I had just tasted for the first time. Despite the so-so encounter with my first jujube I decided to keep an open mind about the worthiness of a jujube tree in the backyard edible landscape.