July 2007

Garden Log 7-10-07

July 10, 2007

It’s been a while since the last garden update but I’m afraid this one isn’t going to be pretty! What was shaping up as a perfect growing season just a couple of weeks ago has been tempered by the disturbing signs of extensive damage from an unwelcome intruder.


Spindly Broccoli

July 9, 2007

Here’s a gardening question about growing and harvesting broccoli that was sent in by Joyce from Inman, Kansas: “I started broccoli plants in the spring and they are now sprouting and not forming heads. From what I have read, fall broccoli is the best. Can I keep these plants alive until I want to produce in the fall, or do I need to plant again?


Window Box Veggies

July 7, 2007

So, you think you don’t have a place to grow a vegetable garden. Well how about raising a few tasty organic veggies right on your deck or patio? I’m sure there are plenty of empty containers and pots around the house that would work very nicely to create your own edible garden on the patio or deck.


I received the following question from Andreas who is seeking information related to sustainable agriculture and organic farming internship opportunities in the Pennsylvania or Virginia areas. It’s been more than twenty years since my three year organic farming internship and the scene has changed but there are fundamental issues that should always be considered.


I was tagged by Marc who blogs over at the Garden Desk in a meme called “7 Random Things About Me”. Marc speculated that he didn’t think I was the meme type, but do you think that stopped him from adding me to his list… of course not!

So here are seven random things about me:


Summer Garlic Care

July 2, 2007

Last month I posted an article describing techniques for providing spring garlic care to the growing plants, today I wanted to continue the discussion with a few comments regarding summertime garlic maintenance chores. Maybe I shouldn’t even use the word maintenance because there really isn’t much to do with garlic during the summer months.