February 2006

Cold Frame Gardening

February 17, 2006

Cold Frames are great for stretching the garden’s growing season at both ends. In the spring cold frames provide a sheltered area for seed starting and to harden off transplants that were grown indoors. During the fall, cold frames enable you to harvest fresh vegetables longer by protecting your plants from frost and cold temperatures.


Gardening Blunder #4

February 16, 2006

The previous gardening blunder looked at the importance of feeding the soil; today’s blunder examines the watering techniques for supplying moisture to the plants growing in your vegetable garden. Gardening Blunder: Shallow Watering A consistent supply of moisture is important to maintaining your plants growth and health. Many beginner gardeners provide frequent but shallow irrigation to […]


Enjoying Elderberries

February 15, 2006

You won’t find elderberries on display at your local market, but elderberry bushes make my list of easy growing organic fruits for the backyard gardener. Elderberries are also very attractive plants that fit well in the ornamental edible landscape. Why Grow Elderberries Most berries are easier to grow and less susceptible to insect damage than common tree fruits such […]


Gardening Blunder #3

February 14, 2006

The previous gardening blunder examined the importance of protecting beneficial insects; today’s blunder examines the importance of your vegetable garden’s soil for healthy plant growth. Garden Blunder: Feeding Plants Instead of the Soil Some gardeners view fertilization as the cure all when it comes to caring for their plants. They grab a bag of fertilizer […]


Garden Log 2-13-06

February 13, 2006

My hopes for an early arrival of spring suffered a setback this weekend. Freezing temperatures and seven inches of snow have a way delivering a dose of reality to the vegetable gardener looking forward to spring gardening activities. It could have been a lot worse though, neighboring areas received three or four times the amount of snowfall that […]


Gardening Blunder #2

February 12, 2006

The first common gardening blunder involved the vegetable garden’s layout, today’s blunder takes a look at the way that you treat the beneficial insects and good bugs that patrol your vegetable garden. Gardening Blunder: Killing Insects Yes, the second gardening blunder is an activity that you may consider to be one of the goals of growing a […]

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Edamame, Green Soybeans

February 12, 2006

Edamame is a nutritious vegetable that’s popular with commercial farmers, but hasn’t caught on with the home gardener. That’s unfortunate because edamame, more commonly known as green soybeans, are easier to grow and more productive than the popular lima beans found in many backyard gardens. Reasons to Grow Edamame in the Home Garden Soybeans are touted […]


Gardening Blunder #1

February 11, 2006

This is the first post in a series about common gardening problems that focuses on mistakes that vegetable gardeners make without even recognizing that there is a problem. The series was originally published as part of my minicourse entitled Gardening Blunders. Gardening Blunder: Planting the Garden in Rows One blunder that many gardeners make is […]


Garden Fresh Chives

February 9, 2006

Chives are one of the easiest culinary herbs to grow in the home garden. A sign of just how easy they are to cultivate is provided by the fact that existing chive plants will readily self seed and produce new plants with no assistance at all from the gardener. Planting and Growing Chives Chive herb plants […]