February 2006

Plant Grow Lights

February 28, 2006

The wide variety of styles in plant grow lights can cause confusion when it’s time to select the proper grow lights to use for raising vegetable seedlings indoors. My first choice in grow lights for nurturing young seedlings remains the good old fluorescent light bulbs. You can make do with the standard tubes, but for the best […]


Mushroom Soil

February 28, 2006

Mushroom soil or mushroom compost is a great organic amendment for enriching the soil used to grow fruits, vegetables, and even flowers. I’ve written about mushrooms quite a bit in the past few weeks, from indoor mushroom kits, to growing mushroom logs outdoors. Enrich Garden Soil With Mushroom Compost This entry doesn’t have anything to […]


Seed Starting Supplies

February 25, 2006

This is the final reminder to get your seed starting supplies in order. Spring, and a new growing season is rapidly approaching and you’ll want to make sure that everything’s on hand that you’ll need to grow your own transplants indoor. If you haven’t ordered your vegetable seeds yet, shame on you. Okay, I confess I […]


Adorable Sunflowers

February 24, 2006

There’s something especially fun and entertaining about growing sunflowers. I’m not sure what it is that makes these old fashioned favorites so popular. Everybody Loves Sunflowers Kids are fascinated by sunflowers, and adults are drawn to them as well. Honeybees love the pollen and a host of other beneficial insects can be found hovering around them. […]


Gardening Blunder #7

February 23, 2006

The previous gardening blunder looked at ways to reduce weed growth in the garden, today’s final blunder examines potential gardening problems that can result from the overuse of garden tillers. Gardening Blunder: Frequent Garden Tilling Are you one of the many gardeners who till their gardens each spring, and sometimes again in the fall, unaware […]


Garden Log 2-22-06

February 22, 2006

Well I don’t know about you but I think that I’m about ready to pull the trigger and get a few seeds in the ground… indoors of course. It’s still winter outside and the forecast includes continued cold weather and the possibility of snow, but it’s getting close enough to spring to start a few […]


Gardening Blunder #6

February 20, 2006

The preceding gardening blunder examined the importance of planting at the proper time, today we’ll take a look at mistakes that gardeners make which can lead to problems with excessive weed growth. Gardening Blunder: Missing the Causes of Weed Woes Many gardeners view weeds from the perspective that the only way to deal with them is through the […]


Growing Gourmet Mushrooms

February 19, 2006

Growing gourmet mushrooms is an interesting gardening project that can provide you with numerous harvests containing more delicious gourmet mushrooms than you’ll be able to eat. Previous entries discussed growing mushroom kits and also looked at the alternative of growing mushrooms outdoors. Today I’ll provide more details for growing gourmet mushrooms in the backyard garden. Selecting Hardwood […]


Gardening Blunder #5

February 18, 2006

The previous Gardening Blunder examined a simple, but important strategy for watering the vegetable garden, today’s blunder covers an important consideration when you’re ready to plant your vegetable seeds. Gardening Blunder: Planting at the Wrong Time It’s important that you time your seed sowing so that your plants mature under their optimum growing conditions; otherwise […]