January 2006

Lutz Green Leaf Beet

January 19, 2006

Lutz Green Leaf Beet, also known as Long Seasons, is one of my favorite varieties of red beets. What’s so special about Lutz Green Leaf? Well to start with, it’s a sweet, deliciously flavored beet that performs very well in the home garden. As its alternate name “Long Seasons” suggests, this beet variety can remain […]



January 18, 2006

Arugula is a unique-flavored, leafy green vegetable that has seen a recent surge in popularity. While arugula happens to be one of my favorite salad greens, not everyone is as fond of this distinctly tasting vegetable plant.  Easy to cultivate and fast growing, the first harvest of nutritious arugula greens can be had just a […]


New Gardening Blog

January 17, 2006

Welcome to the new gardening blog… Veggie Gardening Tips! The name and location has changed from the Gardening Secrets site on Blogger and the new web address is http://www.veggiegardeningtips.com/. What hasn’t changed is that I’ll continue to offer vegetable gardening ideas and information for growing a beautiful edible garden that’s loaded with interesting and ornamental […]



January 6, 2006

Calendula officinalis is an appealing herb with edible flowers and makes a great companion plant in the ornamental vegetable garden. In addition to the added color provided by the edible flowers, calendula also serves a useful function in attracting beneficial insects into the garden. Calendula plants grow quickly and are tolerant of cool temperatures with […]


Blueberry Bushes

January 4, 2006

Ornamental blueberry bushes make a wonderful addition to the home garden, providing an attractive accent to the landscape regardless of the season. Blueberries deserve to be planted more often strictly for their ornamental qualities. In early spring blueberry bushes are completely covered with small, white or pink, bell shaped blossoms. The flowers last a week […]


Making Raised Beds

January 3, 2006

Many gardeners who are interested in making raised beds have asked; what is the best material to use for framing the garden beds? My preference is to use nothing as a frame for the beds, but if you insist there are a number of materials that work well when making raised beds. The most popular […]