September 2005

Growing Shallots

September 30, 2005

Have you discovered the joy of using fresh shallots in your gourmet cooking? If so do you frown and question why this delicious gourmet vegetable is so expensive? Advantages of Growing Fresh Shallots While you can purchase onions by the pound with a little loose change, shallots are sold by the ounce for big bucks. […]


Mexican Sage

September 22, 2005

Mexican Bush Sage is an uncommon herb plant that can add plenty of interest and color to your fall landscape. I’m not aware of any medicinal or culinary uses for this herb, but I make sure that it’s growing in my garden every year for the showy display that it provides each fall. I purchase […]


Home Grown Fruits

September 18, 2005

If you’re ready to add another dimension to your back yard garden, consider growing your own home grown fruits. While tree and stone fruits can be successfully raised in the home garden, I recommend that you start out with simpler, easy to grow fruits that are guaranteed to bear a bumper crop with very little […]


Versatile Kale

September 8, 2005

Kale is one of my favorite plants for many reasons. It’s nutritious, and great tasting, especially for the home gardener who can grow choice varieties and harvest the fresh leaves when they are young and tender. Kale is very hardy and can survive through the extremes of both hot and cold weather. Delicious Kale Greens […]


Dazzling Veggies

September 4, 2005

A dozen of Kenny Point’s favorite gourmet vegetable varieties: Brussels sprouts ‘Rubine.’ Red sprouts and red-tinged leaves and stems. Cabbage ‘Early Jersey Wakefield.’ Tender and gets pointed heads. Kale ‘Lacinato.’ Tall, slender kale with savoy, dark-blue leaves. Potato ‘Russian Banana.’ Yellow-fleshed fingerling type with excellent flavor. Bean ‘Royalty Purple Pod.’ Bush bean with purple pods. […]


Gardening Tips

September 1, 2005

Ten of Kenny Point’s pointers on growing a higher yielding and better looking vegetable garden with less work: 1.) Raise those beds. Loosen your native soil two shovel-lengths deep (if possible) and work 3 or 4 inches of compost or other organic matter into it. Use stakes and string to mark off beds that are […]


Vegging Out

September 1, 2005

(From the Harrisburg Patriot-News, August 18, 2005) Take one look at Kenny Point’s vegetable garden, and it’s obvious he’s doing something right. And different. This suburban Lower Paxton Township back-yard garden is a far cry from the fairly typical vegetable garden you see this time of year – ones that have degenerated into ignored, sprawling, […]